Art Lampshade Factsheet


Please contact us for a discussion around lampshades. We are able to make almost any shape and size you can imagine.

Tube lamp shades using our “Stonehaven” linen fabric on our Parrot and Rabbit showroom lamp bases, imported from Cape Town, not for sale.

We work with interior designers who might select a design from our Art Fabric Collection and may even crop it to their own specification for a client. In offering this highly personalised service, our designers are able to offer each client a unique design.



If you would like your own limited run of fabric printed (at a small additional fee) for a particular project, let us know.

Why not select your own bespoke fabric for a chair cover, matching lampshades and cushions?

You might want to play with texture, colour and scale too. The same design could be printed full size and then reduced by 30%? (see “Town & Country VIII” where this effect is achieved – it is a micro version of “Town & Country V” and the two designs work very well together).



To discuss your lampshade order please visit our showroom in Edinburgh to discuss your ideas and requirements. We have included a few of the more popular shapes available, just to help you choose. 

As they say in France, “toute est possible”!

Do get in touch via email or by phone. 


Lampshade Designs

A few examples of what we can offer:

1. Empires

Empire lampshade illustration

The traditional & most frequently used shape for table lamp shades, with 20" & 22" used on traditional standard lamps. The top diameter being half the bottom diameter.  Sizes range from the diminutive 6" to the imposing 28".


2. Shallow drums

Shallow drum lapmshade illustration

Multi-purpose. Hang low over tables. Put them on modern or vintage floorlamps. We are highly flexible in the manufacture of tube sizes. We can add a trim to the edge (see our examples). Heights can be specified and diameters range from 4" to 48" (1200mm).


3. “Coolies”

Coolies Lampshade illustration

Primarily for table lamps. This low sloping shape was very popular in the 1980's but is still useful on some lamp shape bases.


4. Retro

Retro Lampshade illustration

For table lamps & floor lamps, the wider top allows more light into the room. It has a 50's feel to the shape.


5. Fez

Fez lampshade illustration

For table lamps & floor lamps: This shape can looks stunning with a bigger lamp base. They are large shades and need a bit of space.