Press Release - Julia Krone's Solo Show, "Colour", Edinburgh Fringe 2021

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Press Release - Julia Krone's Solo Show, "Colour", Edinburgh Fringe 2021

6-31st August 2021, Fringe Venue: 422, One Clarence Street, Stockbridge Mon-Fri: 13h00-19h00 | Sat-Sun: 10h00-19h00 | Closed Wednesdays

Art is a universal language, it has no boundaries and it has the ability to capture the spirit of our times, transform lives, and bring us hope during dark days.

Julia’s solo show ‘’Colour”, at Venue 422 of the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe does just that.

It provides a dose of concentrated colour and lots of it. Visitors seem to always leave with a more positive frame of mind and have said the following:

  • “The most beautiful feast of colours…!” - Kate, Poland
  • Keep on dreaming, the reflection of your dreams in the painting are brilliant.” - Ania, Czech Republic
  • “Love the use of COLOUR and level of detail in your paintings - we can see your imagination through the work.” - Rejoice, Zimbabwe
  • “A wonderful reminder to stay true to what you love….it has been magical thank you”! - Rita, Ethiopia/Italy*

The impact of her work is felt acutely by the viewer and is made all the more poignant with the backdrop of the current global pandemic – we are all looking for some light at the end of the tunnel and something to be positive about.

Julia has an Honours degree in Community Development Work from the University of Cape Town and studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art. She is no stranger to change and upheaval – her early work is all about leaving and heading out into the unknown. As an emigrant from South Africa, she and her husband have lived in Scotland for the past 15 years. It’s not easy to leave ones old life behind, to be deracinated, but Edinburgh is the richer for it….her paintings are a celebration of that very thing, the bright and sunny place she has left behind.

Julia’s artistic process is what she terms an “Inside Out” approach – she is not observing and recording information on a canvas. She paints what is already inside her.

The collective memory of her life in Cape Town (a sunny Mediterranean climate) is what she’s putting on the canvas.  Living in Malta before coming to Edinburgh, plus frequent visits to family in France also influence her recent work. Her “Nice” collage Fine Art Print series was directly inspired by a visit to the Matisse Museum in Nice.

Whether we have lost a loved one, a friend, a colleague, a job or small business, a relationship or just life as we know it, we are all facing our mortality and a sense of loss in ways we could never have imagined.

Star of the show is Julia’s “Dream Catcher” series which seeks to inspire the dreams of the viewer, especially now, when our dreams seem to be slipping through our fingers.

Dream Catcher I”, is beautifully presented as a limited edition Fine Art Print.  The elegant white display box contains a small limited edition Fine Art Print, (25x25cm) signed and framed in a very stylish white Box. It represents an affordable piece of art; perfect as a gift for that special someone in your life who may need a boost. 

In fact Julia was invited to show her “Dream Catcher” Collection in Paris, in December 2020, during the Pandemic. The very astute gallerist compared her “Dream Catcher” paintings to Monet’s water lily wartime paintings, which brought psychic relief to the French as WWI was ending. The aim of the show was to allow her work to inspire hope in the despondent Parisian community, as they faced a second lock down.

Dream Catcher I”, a highly evocative and universal image was also featured by the Turbine Art Fair (South Africa’s largest Art Fair in Johannesburg) on their Instagram Feed in celebration of Nelson Mandela Day or “Freedom Day” in South Africa last year. It appears to have a strong archetypal resonance.

Hope is at hand. Julia’s current art show, “Colour” is a celebration of hope, and positive energy. Plenty of research suggests that colour is not a neutral thing. Indeed, it is a powerful mood- altering factor, and exposing oneself to vibrant colours and stimulating, enigmatic shapes on a canvas will surely lift spirits. “Colour”, in particular, has a powerful Dopamine effect on the viewer and raises the levels of creativity within a workspace.

Julia’s hope for her latest “immersive” show is that it will help us dream, reflect, and innovate. At the very least, her show “Colour” might give us just a little more energy to get through the day – and that can only be a good thing.

This year for the first time, Julia has printed a special Exhibition Poster.

These are FREE for Edinburgh Students - to promote well-being and increased mental health.

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Born in Cape Town, Julia has lived in London, Johannesburg, Malta, Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art (now part of the University of Edinburgh) and her paintings can be found in private collections in the USA, Emirates, Peru, France, Scotland and South Africa.

She has been invited to hang her work for a third year running, at the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Edinburgh. Julia’s art has been accepted several times at the annual RSA Open Exhibition. She has featured twice recently in Scottish Homes & Interiors magazine and continues to explore new print media and home accessories.

She has a new website and online shop where Fine Art Prints and other art products may be purchased. Postage is free within the UK (excluding paintings).

She is represented by the Bgallery in Paris, Brussels and St Palais sur Mer. She represents herself within the UK and her gallery studio is open by appointment throughout the year.

 * Comments by visitors to Julia’s art shows, Edinburgh Fringe (2019 and 2021).


Artist:  +44 7766351696              

Instagram: @juliakroneartdesign      Twitter: @juliakroneart          Linked In:

Fringe Venue: #422  Address: Number One Clarence Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 5AE

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