Making the most of "Now"

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Making the most of "Now"

Whilst my annual Edinburgh Fringe art show was cancelled along with the entire festival, I suddenly find myself invited to put on a solo show in Paris, just before Christmas and just as France comes out of "le confinement".
If nothing else, this year has taught me the value of being fleet of foot, seizing each opportunity with both hands and making the most of things. Within 3 days I had packed up my work and sent it by courier (DHL) to Paris, the fact that some of it ended up in Dublin and in Brussels by mistake, is yet another story but today the full collection is in place!
“Every cloud has a silver lining” and as they say in France,
“A quelque chose malheur est bon”.
Please would you spread the word to your friends and colleagues in Paris - a "feel good" show, with bright colours and loads of positive energy to lift one's mood. Colour is not neutral.


Stay strong, and be happy,


December 2020

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