"Colour is not Neutral" says Julia

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"Colour is not Neutral" says Julia

 Dream Catcher, Julia Krone’s solo art show for the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe is cancelled, but her dreams live on…

 “The most beautiful feast of colours…!” - Kate, Poland

Keep on dreaming, the reflection of your dreams in the painting are brilliant.” - Ania, Czech Republic

“Love the use of COLOUR and level of detail in your paintings - we can see your imagination through the work.” - Rejoice, Zimbabwe          *

Julia is no stranger to change and upheaval – her early work is all about leaving and heading out into the unknown. As an emigrant from South Africa, she and her husband have lived in Scotland for the past 13 years. It’s been a tough gig living through a financial meltdown, oil & gas market collapse, redundancy, Brexit, and a cancer into the mix. And here we all are, facing down Covid-19…

Her solo show ‘Dream Catcher’ is perhaps made all the more poignant by the current global pandemic, as she asks herself: Can we keep our dreams alive?  What new dreams should we be dreaming? Will our future be the one we were hoping for just a month ago, or will we need to envision a completely new life, never mind the dreams?

Hope is at hand. There is research to suggest that colour is not a neutral thing. Indeed, it is a powerful mood- altering factor, and exposing oneself to vibrant colours and stimulating, enigmatic shapes on a canvas will surely lift spirits. Colour, in particular, has a powerful Dopamine effect on the viewer and raises the levels of creativity within a workspace.

With each artwork like a specially invited guest, Julia’s hope for her latest work is that it will help us dream, reflect, and innovate. At the very least, ‘Dream Catcher’ might give us just a little more energy to get through the day – and that can only be a good thing.

Born in Cape Town, Julia has lived in London, Johannesburg, Malta, Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art (now part of the University of Edinburgh) and her paintings can be found in private collections in the USA, Emirates, Peru, France, Scotland and South Africa. A large body of her work is currently hanging in the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Edinburgh, Charlotte Square. Julia’s art has been accepted several times at the annual RSA Open Exhibition. She has featured twice recently in Scottish Homes & Interiors magazine and continues to explore new print media and home accessories.

* Comments from Julia’s previous solo art show, "Dream Gardens” at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe.

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